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Voice1Africa originally started out as the hashtag for Nkosuo Initiatives’ ‘Africa We Want Project’.


Advocacy. Civic/Pan African Education. Self-awakening of youth through introspection and consciousness of identity. Storytelling: publication of dreams from African youth. Encouraging pan Africanism through transnational collaborations in Art, media, entrepreneurship, etc. Providing platforms for conversation for the largest demographic on the continent towards the realization of AU Agenda 2063.

Products and Services


We work closely with research institutions, civil society and communities to co-produce knowledge towards the Africa we want.


We open up and facilitate dispassionate conversations on issues towards a strong, united and progressive Africa. We employ varied and sometimes unorthodox means for discussions, and to project youth voices.


Establishing a welfare and social support system for our members is crucial for our organizations success. The ethos of mutual respect and trustworthiness, friendship, and purposefulness is demonstrated through group savings, mentor-mentee connections among others.


We offer support services and counseling in higher education, travel and tourism within Africa, events, art, media and publications services (e.g., music production, poetry, marketing and business development, content creation, social media promotion and management, paintings, photography, videography, design, TV/Radio/PodCasts, dance, etc). We Achieve these through our great network of partners across Africa.


Active youth engagement and volunteerism are embedded in our approach. At the local level, we operate through Voice1Africa community groups and school clubs. The leaders (Mentors) are trained. We also facilitate thematic capacity building sessions targeting various groups and organizations. Internship programmes are also available. NB: We have a large Volunteer workforce.

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