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Voice1Africa is a grassroots organization. We represent bottom-up perspectives at higher levels. From our positioning, we uncover and push forward provocations (unconventional ideas) for transformative change towards a better Africa for its people!


We are a nonpartisan Pan African youth movement committed to empowering and uniting the next generation for the advancement of Africa. Our primary objective is to nurture Pan Africanism from the grassroots, amplifying the voices and impact of Africa's young people through art, media, and entrepreneurship.

Originally established as the hashtag for Nkosuo Initiative Foundation's 'Africa We Want Project', Voice1Africa has since evolved into an independent social movement with active youth participation across the African continent.

At the core of our mission is the belief that art, media, and culture are essential tools for driving activism and inspiring youth engagement to realize the United Federated State of Africa.

We offer a range of dynamic and upcoming programs to support our objectives. Visit our Programs page

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VISION (Our destination)

We envision a generation of knowledgeable and confident African youth dedicated to constructing a strong, united, and progressive Africa for both the present and future.

MISSION (how are we getting there)

Connecting Youth. Sharing Cultural Experiences. Offering Support

We actively mobilize youth to engage in the continent’s growth through dynamic advocacy, cultural exchange, civic education, and capacity building. Additionally, we foster open dialogues and provide support, creating avenues for inclusive participation and empowerment.

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