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By Tetteh David Emaahi

Rev. Joseph Dennis Nii Noi Quarcoo, the Visionary and Founding Chair of Voice1Africa, pointed out that Voice1Africa is dedicated to fostering Pan Africanism at the grassroots level and amplifying the voices of young people. He emphasized the importance of supporting the aspirations and businesses of young individuals, acknowledging that such support is essential.

In line with this commitment, Voice1Africa, in partnership with Sound Mind Buildup, has launched the Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) For Africa, a flagship initiative designed to assist budding entrepreneurs and artists who are already pursuing their ideas. This program is open to young people who have a vision and a specific project in mind, and it offers a range of benefits in addition to financial support. Participants will have the opportunity to undergo a free 3-week Business Training program, culminating in a certification upon completion.

It is important to note that the EDP for Africa targets African youths between the ages of 18 to 30 and is focused on providing them with essential skills for entrepreneurship. Young individuals with innovative ideas and projects are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity by applying for the program.

Applications are open and close on 25th February 2024.

Apply Here:

We’re Empowering African Entrepreneurs to make a difference in their communities while they connect with other young entrepreneurs in the continent.

How to Apply:

1. Visit our website and fill out the application form.

2. Share your project idea and how $100 will make a difference.

3. Submit your application and wait for our team to review.

Deadline: February 25, 2024.

$300 Business Grant for Young African Entrepreneurs by Voice1Africa through EDP for Africa in partnership with Sound Mind Buildup

Apply Here:https://www.voice1africa.org/edp-programme/

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