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Voice1Africa originally started out as the hashtag for Nkosuo Initiatives’ ‘Africa We Want Project’. This project has evolved into a standalone social movement with active youth engagement across the African continent.

We are a nonpartisan youth Movement committed to generating an active youth involvement in the direction and growth of the continent through dynamic Advocacy and Civic education, capacity building and generally creating avenues for conversation and support. 

Who We Are

Empowering The Youth of Africa

Voice1Africa is a nonprofit organization which educates and advocates for youth involvement in building the Africa we want i.e. changing the current African narrative. “We are here to empower African youth (regardless of ‘location’) through the consciousness of identity in order to instigate and steer change towards a Strong, United and Progressive Africa.

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Active youth engagement and volunteerism are embedded in our approach.

We offer support services and counseling in higher education, travel and tourism ..


Establishing a welfare and social support system for our members is crucial for our ..


What Participants Are Saying.


My association with Voice1Africa has been a great blessing. It has widen my knowledge in regards to governance and youth empowerment.


Voice1Africa is an amazing platform that helped me learn alot about transformational leadership, team work and career development.


Voice1Africa is the best platform for young and ambitious Africans who are determined to make a major impact in society.

Mike Hotten
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We are guided by our positioning as a Leading Voice for the Youth of Africa. We represent the interests of African youth. 


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